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Mark your calendar - the next batch of Workshop on Android Development Programming with Project in Kolkata from December 2017

Topic covered

1 OOPS Concepts in Java

Classes & Objects




Abstract Class

2 Oops Concepts in Java (contd.)

Exception Handling

Collection Framework


DML & DDL Queries in brief

Basic Concept in Android

Installing Android Studio

Your first android application

Brief Background about mobile technologies

What is Android?

Android SDK

Android Architecture

An Overview of XML

The Anatomy of an Android Application: The APK File

Android Project Framework

Android Application Components

Introduction to AndroidManifest.xml

Android Main Building Blocks

Activities and task

Activity Life Cycle

Components and android Layouts

Views and Android Life Cycles

Resources and its accessing in Android

User Interaction in Android (adding of two number program)

3 Android UI designing

XML versus Java UI

Android View Hierarchies

Using Common UI Elements (Button, TextView, EditText, ImageButton, CheckBox, ToggleButton, RadioButton, RadioGroup, ProgressBar)

Auto complete text View

Defining Screen Layouts: Using XML

RelativeLayout,TableLayout, FrameLayout, LinearLayout, ScrollView

Nested layouts

Drawable Resources

Resolution & density Independence (px,dip dp, sip, sp)

Adding Interactivity: Handling UI Events

An Overview of UI Events in Android

Handling onClick Events

Creating a splash screen

Android Touchscreen Events: onTouch

Touchscreen’s Right-Click

Equivalent:  onLongClick

Keyboard Event Listeners: onKeyUp and onKeyDown

Adapting to display orientation

Detecting orientation changes

Communicating Between Activities

What Is an Intent?

Android Intent Messaging via Intent Objects

Intent Resolution: Implicit Intents & Explicit Intents

Using Intents with Activities

4 Adding Dialogs

Displaying an Alert Dialog

ListView and ListActivity

Picker Views (TimePicker, DatetePicker)

Displaying images with

Gallery, ImageSwitcher, GridView, and ImageView views

Multimedia Programming using 


Multimedia audio formats - Creating and Playing

Multimedia audio formats – 

Kill /Releasing(Memory Mgmt)

How to associate audio in any application

How to associate video playback with an event

Using Camera

Data Persistence with Android Phones

Managing Shared Preferences

File I/O

5 Working in Background – The Services

Introduction to Services

Create a service that runs in the background - Using Background Worker Threads

Perform long-running tasks in a separate thread

Perform repeated tasks in a service

Communication between activity and service


Notification Manager

Pending Intent

Notifications (Show and Cancel)


Broadcast Receivers

Custom Toast

6 Messaging and networking

Send SMS messages using the built-in Messaging application

Receiving incoming SMS messages

Send e-mail messages from your application

Maps, Geocoding, and Location-Based Services

Obtaining the Maps API Key

Displaying the Map

Displaying Zoom Control

Programmatically Zooming in or out of the map

Changing Views

Navigation the Map to display a Specific Location

Adding Markers to the Maps

Getting the location that was touched

Tabs and TabActivity

7 SQLite Programming

Introducing SQLite

SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database

Opening and closing a database

Working with cursors – Inserts, updates, and deletes

Develop your own custom made Web browser

How to use WebView object in XML

Permission for using the Internet

Methods for associate with ‘Go’, ‘Back’, ‘Forward’ etc.

8 Project

9 Submission of Project

10 Evaluation & Completion



Training Cost: Rs.9,000+15%(S.T)=Rs.10350/-


Study Support Material

Food, Tea, Snacks for 5days.


Hurry Up; Seats are limited.


Contact: Sunit -9903130500



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